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Acumen Acupuncture Health is located at:

1625 Meridian East (located in North Hill Chiropractic)
Edgewood, WA 98371
Phone: (253) 592-3389
E-mail: acumen@q.com

At Acumen Acupuncture Health, we specialize in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and work in close collaboration with a Chiropractor and two Massage Therapists, all working within the same office.

We offer a range of treatments such as acupuncture and electro-acupuncture, cupping, infrared heat therapy, "gwa sha" technique, moxibustion, herbal supplements and others.*

What people are saying about Robert:

"Life-changing. That is how I can best describe my experiences after coming to Robert while suffering severe lower back and hip pain with each and every step. Now I am again able to walk pain-free, joyfully engaging in activities that had been stolen from me by the pain. It might not be what you could call a healing miracle but if not, it's close." - Ted R., Fife.

Combining acupuncture with physical therapy and some massage reduced my sciatica pain more quickly, and helped me heal faster." - Heather H., Milton.

"I started seeing Robert Call in 2000 when I was suffering from tendinitis in my elbow. After cortisone injections and physical therapy failed, I was told I would need to have surgery. Before going under the knife, I decided to try acupuncture. I started seeing Robert and after 16 visits, my tendinitis was healed. I have been free of pain since 2001. I even started lifting weights without pain.

I have continued to use Robert's services for various reasons including plantar fasciitis and shoulder pain due to a car accident. I even went to him when I decided to stop smoking. After my 2nd of 6 visits, I had stopped smoking and have been smoke-free for 2-1/2 years without cravings of any kind. I would recommend Robert Call, L.Ac. (Acumen Acupuncture) without hesitation."
- G. S., Tacoma.

Robert helped me with an nagging issue I've been dealing with - namely my gall bladder.  Robert went above and beyond and even made the referral for me to get an ultrasound (something that I was hesitant to do) to make sure that there weren't any larger problems than I had originally thought.

The acupuncture treatments themselves are quite relaxing - so much so that I felt myself drifting asleep during the sessions. Furthermore, I also was taking some Chinese herbal medicine per Robert's recommendation that helped reduce the gall bladder inflammation.  His treatments were successful and I am not plagued by the same painful symptoms I was experiencing prior to his care.

He was honest and explained that he couldn't cure my ailment, but with treatments and medicine, he could potentially improve my gall bladder function.  Thus, alleviating my pain and symptoms.  Indeed it worked!"
- N.B., Milton.

"I suffered with neck pain for years before seeing Robert Call.  My doctors told me it was the result of a mild arthritic condition and there was nothing to be done about it.  Since a series of treatments at Acumen Acupuncture, my neck has been pain free for months!" - V. J., Auburn.

"I have known Robert over 30 years and I can highly recommend his acupuncture services. He is a consumate professional with excellent personal integrity." - T.D.S., Edmonds

Call (253) 592-3389 now for a free consultation!